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Pastoral Partnering Program

We continue to see the positive effect that spiritual support and counseling brings to the hospice care experience.  Spiritual counseling helps the client, caregivers and family better understand and embrace this important and difficult time in their lives.

We have also found that spiritual support can greatly enhance the quality of the time the patient, caregivers and family have together. 

Faith communities are very helpful in providing spiritual support and pastoral care to their members.  However, the healthcare organization managing or providing care must work closely with their client’s faith community to ensure the client has access to the full range of services that his/her clergy and pastoral care staff provide.

We are committed to helping our clients who wish to maintain or re-establish contact with their faith community, place of worship, clergy and pastoral care staff. 

We refer to this commitment as our Pastoral Partnering Program.  With this program, we pledge our efforts to:

  • provide our spiritual care services to our clients  
  • and work closely with their clergy and pastoral care staff to ensure our clients have full access to the support provided by their faith community(1)

For our clients, their families and caregivers, our chaplains will:

  • conduct spiritual assessments and provide support, counseling and referrals as may be needed to meet their spiritual needs.  
  • be available to assist the family with funeral or memorial services and other arrangements that may be needed.
  • with help from our social work staff, provide bereavement and grief counseling for the family and loved ones.

For our client’s clergy and pastoral care staff, we will:

  • with the approval of our client, notify you when a member of your faith community is admitted to our hospice program.  
  • establish a close partnership with you during the course of our client’s hospice care.  In this relationship, we will be available to provide assistance directly to you in your efforts to care for those in your faith community who are receiving or may need hospice care.  
  • have our chaplains available to discuss with you ways in which we together can best assist the spiritual journeys of the patient, caregivers and family.  
  • maintain frequent contact with you to ensure your continuing awareness of the patient’s condition and needs.  
  • be available as a substitute for you or your pastoral care staff when needed.  Our care extends to the families and caregivers as well as the patient.  Because our chaplains work with a much smaller number of clients, they are not normally  faced with the time constraints that our client’s clergy and pastoral care staff may encounter.

(1)        According to the privacy standards mandated by the federal HIPPA Act.        

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