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Autumn Journey Hospice in Dallas

Autumn Journey Hospice in Dallas

Providing in-Home Healthcare

When you or a loved one close to you is unable to manage all of the responsibilities of caring for their needs it may be time to look for some professional hospice help. Providing specialized in-home care through our hospice, Dallas residents that are coming to end of their life on earth can find the attention and support that they need to make their life as comfortable and simple as possible.

Taking into account the specific medical needs of each and every person that has requested medical care, the physician directed, in-home nursing staff is able to provide all of the special care that a terminally ill person requires. For many people that have been diagnoses with a serious illness which has not yet been curable, the compassion that comes through home hospice allows them to live out the remainder of their life with dignity and respect. Working to make our patients as comfortable as we can though pain management, we make the few remaining weeks or years left to live as easy as possible.

Working to ensure that the needs and services of a physician and nurse are available to maintain a quality of life that allows them to enjoy the precious time that they have left, our Dallas hospice services are open to you and your loved ones that have a terminal prognosis. For some individuals that are coming to the end of their life the need for quality medical attention on a daily basis is helping them to remain as comfortable as they can. Continuing to reside in their own home our hospice care professionals make whatever arrangements are necessary so that you or your loved ones are treated to the exact care that the doctor has ordered.

Helping to alleviate pain and suffering while making the quality of life as rewarding and beneficial as can be, hospice care in Dallas is available either as an in-home ongoing care by visiting physicians and nurses or is available as an inpatient service where guests are given their own room and have access to a range of activities that they can choose to take part in. Understanding that treating people with dignity and respect is important to every life, our staff of medical professionals is ranked among the best available care in the country. Ensuring that each individual in our care has all that they need to be comfortable and content, we provide a positive nurturing hospice care throughout Dallas and the surrounding area.

Helping to make the transition through death as pleasant as possible we are committed to giving each patient the highest quality of life during the time that they have left. We invite you to explore our Dallas hospice website and learn more about the services and options that are available to anyone that is looking to relieve their pain and suffering.  

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In-Home Healthcare in Dallas

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If you do not find the answer to your question or you would like to talk with us, please contact us at (972) 233-0525 or at wecare@autumnjourneyhospice.com. We will make ourselves available to you at a time and place that is convenient to you. We will answer any questions you may have about hospice care or palliative care without any obligation for you to consider using our services.

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